Our Mission

To promote scientific research and successful implementation of a strengths-based recovery capital assessment and planning instrument known as the “REC CAP” in clinical and peer settings by trained Peer Navigators who mentor, monitor and measure participant development of recovery management skills and community engagement to facilitate social identity migration from active use to pro-social networks.

Research substantiates the need for recovery support services to scaffold individuals as they enter recovery from addiction. High relapse rates after delivery of quality clinical service, in large part, result from system-wide failure to implement evidence-based practices that effectively guide individuals in development of recovery management skills and successful migration to prosocial support networks. REC CAP is an assessment and recovery planning tool designed to assist participants to overcome barriers with support from qualified Peer Mentors. Additionally, REC CAP Online provides an opportunity to capture de-identified data in support of continuing recovery research.


Determine what factors have the largest impact for each profile of individual


Develop effective recovery pathways for individuals seeking care


Create a workforce of compassionate peers to provide evidence-based guidance


Utilize the gathered data to drive additional recovery research and better defined profiles

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Holmes, Author